Based on lanyon - A content-first, sliding sidebar theme for Jekyll. Demo at
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Based on Jekyll theme: Lanyon by Mark Otto

Build Status

Demo | Download v1.1.1

Required edits:


  • Edit lines where text string foo is present with relevant information.
  • Add relevant author and owner information
    • For proper sidebar, meta info below post title, and footer bar, add at least twitter, google plus info under owner and sidebar section.
    • Uncomment and add relevant user names/keys to enable features, e.g., google analytics, disqus comments, twitter widget, google custom search.


  • Read Using a custom domain with GitHub Pages for set-up details.
  • If you are hosting website on domain other than, rename CNAME.sample file to CNAME, and add your custom domain name, e.g., (only one domain is allowed), otherwise remove CNAME file if you want to host at default
  • If you are hosting website on, replace with https://<github-username><repository_name> (for project site) or https://<github-username> (for user site) under site.url and site.urlimg in _config.yml and _prose.yml file.




  • replace with your valid url.
  • Edit search engine inclusion/exclusion if desired.

page specific edits

  • _data/socialmedia.html

    • Replace user foo with appropriate username
  • _includes/

    • Check if file paths for appropriate urls have valid css files, scripts, icons, and images in head.html and head_minimal.html, else comment html tags which are not being used.
    • Also, check if variables (twitter, google plus, linkedin, google analytics key and disqus username, etc.) are specified in _config.yml located under root path.
    • You may edit meta_info.html, footer.html and similar include files to add/remove elements in page meta bar, footer, etc.
    • For publications page, mypubs.html and myaoi.html are trimmed outputs from zot_bib_web. Github pages can not dynamically build these pages. Alternately, you may export bib format for publications under /files/ directory which can be parsed dynamically using
    • _includes/footer.html: Edit copyright information as needed.
  • _layouts

    • To add/remove/reorder page/post contents, edit default.html plus page.html or post.html.
  • _posts

    • Live blog posts goes here with markdown formatted post. File name format must have following date-title format for jekyll to render blog post correctly.
    • YAML sample header shows all available options. Minimal required elements are: layout, title and date. Date tag overrides date given in post file name.
  • blog/index.html

    • Edit blog title and description.
  • images/

    • Under icons directory, keep appropriate sized favicons and thumbnails as specified in _includes/head.html and _includes/head_minimal.html
    • Also, keep favicon.png and favicon.ico in root directory.
    • Final, images/icons/ should have following images with exact filenames and image size as specified in respective filenames. These images can be generated using online favicon generator. Replace foo with your site title or other name if desired.
  • pages/
    • YAML variable imagefeature shoud have image path relative to images/ directory, i.e., foo.png will link to
    • Specify site.owner.avatar and site.owner.twitter along with other variables in _config.yml
  • syspages/:
    • Edit page title and description in YAML front matter.
    • For web search to work, specify Google Custom Search Engine API key for google_search variable.
    • Tag generation is experimental and dynamic size for tag box may need to be adjusted if you have more than 100 posts with one or two frequently occurring tags.
    • All {% for ... %}...{% endfor %} loop operations will increase site build time, and remove such features (tags, meta info, related posts, etc.) under _includes, _layouts and syspages if required.
  • pages/
    • Edit page title and description.
    • Edit address, driving direction url, etc.
  • pages/
    • Edit _config.yml to add twitter, google plus, linkedin, google scholar, ORCID profile info under owner heading.
    • Add pdf at {{ site.url }}/cv/cv.pdf
  • pages/
    • Add your publications at /files/mypubs.bib and _includes/mypubs.html. See above under _includes for more.
  • pages/
    • Appreciated if you keep relevant credits in disclosure page.
  • humans.txt
    • Replace foo with your name.
  • rfeed.xml
    • Not required unless you are cross-posting about R language on blog aggregation site(s).