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honor configuration passed as argument

hard-coded settings were left active ignoring configurations
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jaromil committed Jun 6, 2017
1 parent c759f77 commit 025e053107e3099f21d9dcfe01869afe08cee8c9
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  1. +7 −7 src/fxc/core.clj
@@ -66,23 +66,23 @@
(string? (first %))
(= (count %) (:total conf))]}

(map #(ms/encode-hash settings %) (->> pass
(map #(ms/encode-hash conf %) (->> pass
(ms/seq2secrets settings)
(ms/secrets2slices settings)
(ms/seq2secrets conf)
(ms/secrets2slices conf)

(defn decode
"Takes a collection of strings and returns the original secret
according to the settings"
according to the conf"
[conf slices] {:pre [(coll? slices)
(map? conf)
(<= (count slices) (:total conf))]
:post [(string? %)]}

(->> (map #(ms/decode-hash settings %) slices)
(ms/slices2secrets settings)
(ms/secrets2seq settings)
(->> (map #(ms/decode-hash conf %) slices)
(ms/slices2secrets conf)
(ms/secrets2seq conf)

(defn generate

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