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@@ -19,3 +19,58 @@ If you feel the need to name a variable `$longdescriptionofwhatthisisusefulfor`,
then you're allowed to use underscores. But do you really need?
functions should be lowercase+underscores: `do_this()`
+Reporting to the user
+There are some nifty messaging functions to use. They all come with
+shortcuts that you can use during development or for temporary
+messages. The long name is to be used for translatable strings.
+They display formatted messages, using colors when available.
+DEBUG=1 make the _verbose messages visible.
+QUIET=1 suppresses all messages (but the _verbose messages if DEBUG=1).
+Here is the deal:
+Name (Shortcut) Return When to use
+_failure (die) exit 1 You want to exit the program with a fatal error.
+ You may pass a different exit code as second argument.
+_warning (no) You want to inform the user about an error condition.
+_message (say) You want to tell the user about what's going on.
+ You can pass -n (shortcut: act) for inline messages.
+_verbose (xxx) You need to check the current state of the program.
+_success (yes) You want to tell the user about a successful result.
+All messaging function take a single "message" argument.
+_failure takes an exit code as an optional second argument.
+ _verbose "Showing translatable debug message"
+ xxx "This is temporary debug"
+ _message "The program is doing something"
+ _message -n "Inline messages "
+ echo "are useful"
+ _success "All is fine"
+ _warning "Something's wrong"
+ _failure "Fatal error: exiting with default exit code 1"
+ _message "This is not reached, nor the next 'die' command"
+ die "I am Jack's dead corpse." 127
+Will display something like:
+ tomb [D] Showing translatable debug message
+ tomb [D] This is temporary debug
+ tomb . The program is doing something
+ tomb > Inline messages are useful
+ tomb (*) All is fine
+ tomb [W] Something's wrong
+ tomb [E] Fatal error: exiting with default exit code 1
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