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Using GIT

Create a github account, then fork You can now start doing commits and pull requests. Don't know git? You can read ProGit book; there are many other books/tutorials on the web, choose what you like most

Tweaking GIT

Official codebase lives at git:// so when you '''pull''' you have to use '''git pull --rebase'''. We strongly suggest you to define the following alias:

$ git config --global alias.up "pull --rebase"


Some guidelines:

  • different things in different branches
  • when you're done, do git rebase dyne/master my_feature_branch; then, open a pull request
  • usually, your feature branch should start from dyne/master. There can be exceptions, though.

Some suggestions to work tidier:

  • always keep your master the same as dyne/master: you can "fast forward" it using git remote update; git pull dyne master, then.
  • create feature branches with git branch feature_foo dyne/master; you can "publish" them on github using git push origin feature_foo

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