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Create a tomb

("tomb create" command is now deprecated!)

To create a new tomb just launch this 3 commands:

tomb dig -s <tomb size in Mb> <tomb name>

tomb forge -k <tomb key name>

tomb lock -k <tomb key name> <tomb name>

Open an existing tomb

To open an existing tomb use this command:

tomb open -k <tomb key name> </path-to-tomb/tomb-name>

The open tomb will be mounted in /media/tomb-name.

If the key is from stdin:

cat <tomb key> | tomb open -k - /path-to-tomb/tomb-name

For instance if the "tomb.key" is on another server, use ssh without saving it to open "secret.tomb":

ssh my.other.server.net 'cat tomb.key' | tomb open -k - secrets.tomb

Will make your secrets.tomb contents accessible in /media/secrets.tomb/

Close one or more tombs

To close an opened tomb:

tomb close <tomb-name>

To close all opened tombs:

tomb close all

If a tomb is busy and you want to close it:

tomb slam

WARNING: this command will kill all the processes that keeps a tomb busy.

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