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Tomb: The Linux Crypto Undertaker

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Minimalistic command line tool based on Linux dm-crypt and LUKS, trusted by hackers since 2007.

You can keep your volumes secure and easily manageable with simple commands.

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 $ tomb dig -s 100 secret.tomb
 $ tomb forge secret.tomb.key
 $ tomb lock secret.tomb -k secret.tomb.key

To open it, do

 $ tomb open secret.tomb -k secret.tomb.key

And after you are done

 $ tomb close

Or, if you are in a hurry, kill all processes with open files inside your tomb and close it.

 $ tomb slam

All information is found on our website.

Use only stable and signed releases in production!

Tomb's development is community-based!

How can you help

Donations are very welcome on

Translations are also welcome: see our simple translation guide

Tomb's code is short and readable: don't be afraid to inspect it! If you plan to submit a PR, please remember that this is a minimalist tool, and the code should be short and readable. Also, first, read our small intro to Tomb's coding style.

We have a space for issues open for detailed bug reports. Always include the Tomb version being used when filing a case, please.

There is also a space for discussion of new features, desiderata and whatnot on github.


Tomb is Copyright (C) 2007-2024 by the Foundation and maintained by Jaromil. The AUTHORS file contains more information on all the developers involved. The license is GNU Public License v3.