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Read your favorite novel in Vim as comment ( Don't let your boss know :P )


  • Vim 7.3+
  • Python support for Vim


Just drop all files in plugin/ to $HOME/.vim/plugin/ directory and enjoy!

Although I recommend using vundle or pathogen to manage your vim plugins.

Usage and Configuration

At first you should open novel with :CRopen path/to/your/novel, note that the novel file need to be plain text with encoding UTF-8, then you can try :CRnextpage and :CRprepage to page, :CRnextblock and :CRpreblock to move around among comment blocks where your novel's content is in. Also, there are some handy keymaps for it by default.


  • CRopen: open novel file and initiate.
  • CRnextpage: load next page and render.
  • CRprepage: back to the previous page.
  • CRnextblock: jump to the next comment block.
  • CRprepage: jump to the previous comment block.
  • Crclear: Clear all 'novel' blocks.


  • <leader>d: next page
  • <leader>a: previous page
  • <leader>s: next comment block
  • <leader>w: previous comment block

all above are in normal mode, and by default the <leader> is \


  • g:creader_chars_per_line: the character numbers per line.
  • g:creader_lines_per_block: the line numbers in an individual comment block.