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An example script which will add a newly created web server into RTTM (Dynect Real Time Traffic Mnagement) for a specific region, if the serivce or region does not exist yet they will be created
The script uses the DynectDNS library and specifically imports DynectRest from it

The credentials are read out of a configuration file in the same directory named credentials.cfg in the format:

user : user_name
customer : customer_name
password: password

The script has the following usage: "python zone fqdn region ip"

zone - zone of the RTTM (ie:
fqdn - the fully qualified domain name of the RTTM (ie:
region - the region to add the ip address to. If there is a space in the region, for example US East, replace the space with %20 (ie: US%20East)
ip - the ip address of the server (ie: