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Dyninst 10.2.0

@mxz297 mxz297 released this
· 0 commits to fcc0d27aa458aacb5a12818beb43509d45848938 since this release
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  • Improve analysis and instrumentation of large binaries
    • Handle ELF extended numbering
    • Fix memory leaks that prevent instrumentation for large binaries
  • Improve parallel code parsing and dwarf parsing
    • Implement control flow trimming that removes wrong edges
    • Remove mutual exclusion in constructing index structures from basic blocks to functions
    • Improve jump table analysis involving global variables
  • ARM binary rewriting for dynamically-linked objects
  • Improve DWARF parsing
    • Support abstract origin attribute
    • Support one machine instruction address mapped to multiple source lines
    • Support parsing of relocatable objects
  • Remove usage of GNU extensions for varargs
  • Handle "ghost" threads in proccontrol
    • "Ghost" threads are stopped threads killed by the OS (or user) before proccontrol continues them

Bug fixes

  • Fix instrumentation regressions, including libc-2.29 on ARM, shared libraries instrumentation, corruption to registers
  • Fix rewriting static binaries about searching libgcc.a on x86 and aarch64
  • Cleanup undefined C++ behaviors
  • Many fixes to code examples in the documentation

Build changes

  • Use modern CMake features to enforce language support at build time
  • Add "sterile build" option to prevent Dyninst from building its own dependencies
  • Improve Clang support when building Intel TBB from source


  • Removed support for running on IBM Blue Gene

Dyninst Toolkit Examples

  • Code examples previously contained in the 'examples' directory have been moved to their own repository dyninst/examples.