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Dyninst 11.0.1

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@hainest hainest released this 15 Jun 02:27
· 450 commits to master since this release


  • Position-Independent Executable (PIE) handling
    • Dyninst now correctly determines the properties of PIE binaries
    • position-independent executable archive files (i.e., built with -static-pie using gcc) are not supported

Bug fixes

    • Correctly handle return values from dwarf_getabbrevcode
  • Parsing
    • Fix data races from PowerPC when using more than 15 OpenMP threads
    • Skip parsing of blocks with an empty code buffer
    • Correctly parse catch blocks
    • Do not treat symbols in any text sections as data (.text, .init, or .fini)
    • Fix implicit operand decoding of x86 instructions on non-x86 architectures
  • Build system
    • Pass CMake build flags when configuring dyninstAPI_RT
    • Correctly find version information when building against tbb 2021.3 or newer

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