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Dyninst 12.0.0

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@hainest hainest released this 11 Nov 20:48
· 439 commits to master since this release


  • When using elfutils-0.186 or newer, Dyninst can parse nvidia enhanced line maps
  • MachRegister now supports the ppc64le register set for Rose semantics
  • Added xsave, xsavec, and xrstor instructions for x86_64
  • Dyninst now compiles cleanly when using strong compiler warnings
  • symtabAPI::typeScalar now supports DWARF4 base type entry encodings

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in .dyninst_heap section reported by Gentoo CI
  • BPatch and Symtab objects can now be displayed using iostreams
  • Floating point register usage is now correctly determined on aarch64
  • Uncalled functions with internal linkage are no longer relocated on aarch64
  • dataflowAPI no longer asserts on newer ppc64le machines
    • We are working to extend instruction support for ppc64le
  • More than 80 general bug fixes discovered using strong compiler warnings

ABI breakages

  • Removed several empty stub functions from AddressSpace
  • Removed memory emulation on Windows
    • The code had been non-functional since ~2012
  • Unused member variables were removed from the Symtab class
  • ELF STABs are no longer supported
  • Remove abandoned Module::getAllVariables

Build changes

  • Remove support for ppc32
  • Remove support for Cray CNL
  • Remove old XLC behavior
  • STERILE_BUILD is now on by default
  • Minimum version of Boost has been increased to 1.70.0
  • Debug build configuration now uses -Og and -g3
  • Updated to the C11 standard
  • Dyninst is now buildable with clang

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