ECMAScript runtime for the JVM
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dynjs - ECMAScript Runtime for the JVM

Build Status

Bug Reports

We're using GitHub Issues. Please let us know what issues you find!

Setting up environment

Getting JDK7

OSX can get information on installing at the java site.

Download and install it to your user (not to the entire machine) and before running mvn install run (or use Java7 as default compiler):

    export JAVA_HOME=$(/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.7)

Getting started

Building from sources

  1. git clone && cd dynjs
  2. mvn install -s support/settings.xml


Alternatively download the latest dynjs dist zip package from our CI job, then unpack it somewhere. As a convenience, you can symlink bin/dynjs to some directory enlisted on your $PATH, it should work fine!


Run ./bin/dynjs --console for the REPL and try the snippet below:

var x = 1 + 1;

For more options, run ./dynjs --help.