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package urknall
import ""
// The target interface is used to describe something a package can be built
// on.
type Target interface {
Command(cmd string) (target.ExecCommand, error)
User() string
String() string
Reset() error
// Create an SSH target. The address is an identifier of the form
// `[<user>@?]<host>[:port]`. It is assumed that authentication via public key
// will work, i.e. the remote host has the building user's public key in its
// authorized_keys file.
func NewSshTarget(address string) (Target, error) {
return target.NewSshTarget(address)
// Create a SSH target with a private access key
func NewSshTargetWithPrivateKey(address string, key []byte) (Target, error) {
return target.NewSshTargetWithPrivateKey(address, key)
// Special SSH target that uses the given password for accessing the machine.
// This is required mostly for testing and shouldn't be used in production
// settings.
func NewSshTargetWithPassword(address, password string) (Target, error) {
target, e := target.NewSshTarget(address)
if e == nil {
target.Password = password
return target, e
// Use the local host for building.
func NewLocalTarget() (Target, error) {
return target.NewLocalTarget(), nil