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Visualising single-cell trajectories, including comparisons between two models 📈
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ℹ️ Tutorials     ℹ️ Reference documentation

Common visualisation tools for single-cell trajectories



On linux, udunits2 has to be installed:

  • Debian / Ubuntu / Linux mint: sudo apt-get install libudunits2-dev
  • Fedora / CentOS: sudo dnf install udunits2-devel


The package provides different ways to plot both the topology and cellular properties of a trajectory:

And to plot the expression and feature importances of many genes along the trajectory

Latest changes

Check out news(package = "dynwrap") or for a full list of changes.

Recent changes in dynplot 1.0.2 (04-07-2019)

  • BUG FIX: Fix weird ceiling warning.

  • BUG FIX: Fix for new select waypoints

  • MINOR CHANGE: Added parameters size_cells, alpha_cells and border_radius_percentage to plotting functions that plot cells.

Recent changes in dynplot 1.0.1 (07-05-2019)

  • BUG FIX: Remove dependency on shades, fixing rgb2hsv bug

Dynverse dependencies

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