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The source to WeScheme can be found at github:

The user-level documentation for the project is maintained in:

Build dependencies:

1.  Java SDK should be installed and in $PATH.

2.  WeScheme runs on Google AppEngine 1.4.2 or later.  You'll probably
need to add the plugins into eclipse.

To verify that the installation went ok, you may want to walk through the first few steps of:

and make sure you can run Appengine apps locally.

3.  WeScheme also uses the Google Closure library:

to manage the dependencies between the JavaScript modules and do
JavaScript minimization.

The build process expects the closure-library to be installed in a
'closure-library' directory in the same parent as the WeScheme
directory.  See '' for details.


Installing WeScheme for local development

1.  First, check out the WeScheme repository from Github.

   $ git clone git://

Don't forget: we're using git submodules, so also make sure to:

   $ git submodule init
   $ git submodule update

to grab the external dependendies as well.

2. You might also need to change war/ if you are
doing any development on the android packager or compilation server.
You probably don't need to touch this unless you really know what
you're doing.

3.  Run ''.

This step is important!  The script ""
should be executed after any changes are made to the javascript source
files in war-src/js, because the files in war-src will be compiled
into the war directory.  Also, the builder also re-compresses
JavaScript files (such as CodeMirror 2) with the Closure Compiler, so
you should run this every time you change the JavaScript files.


The directory structure of WeScheme is a fairly typical Java web app.
The majority of the JavaScript files are located in:


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