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We are delighted to announce the first release of Moby Scheme, a
compiler from Beginner Student Language (BSL) + World programs to
smartphones. The current prototype compiles to the Android platform,
and supports almost all BSL programs as well as libraries to
accelerometer, GPS, and SMS functionality.

We are concurrently working on a Web service interface for end-users.
If your only goal is to use Moby, you can certainly try it out, but
the current release assumes you have some developer chops to install
and manage packages. We’re hoping, however, that you’ll also want to
contribute, for which this is your avenue.

Moby Scheme’s sources are hosted by github.com:


The README describes the project and how to run Moby. We would
love volunteer help with:


If there is a task there that you would like to work on, do coordinate
with Shriram Krishnamurthi (sk@cs.brown.edu) and me (dyoo@cs.wpi.edu),
so we avoid duplicating effort.

Thanks for your help! We are excited about making Moby Scheme the
premiere reactive scripting language for mobile phones. For more on
the project, please see Shriram’s ILC talk: