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#lang racket/base
(require racket/splicing
(for-syntax racket/base
(provide def outer)
;; We keep a private version of "outer". It's important that it be not
;; accessible outside this module to avoid unintentional capture.
(define private-outer-id (string->uninterned-symbol "private-outer-id")))
(define-syntax (def stx)
(syntax-case stx ()
[(_ (name args ...) body ...)
(with-syntax ([outer-keyword (datum->syntax stx private-outer-id)])
;; I want the outer keyword bound out here, because if the
;; user defines an 'outer' as a parameter or a function name, I'd
;; still like that binding to shadow our own.
#`(splicing-let-syntax ([outer-keyword
(lambda (an-stx)
(syntax-case an-stx ()
[(o outer-expr)
(replace-context #'#,stx #'outer-expr)]
;; For convenience, also support using integers
;; here.
[(o k outer-expr)
(and (exact-positive-integer? (syntax->datum #'k))
(= (syntax->datum #'k) 1))
(syntax/loc an-stx (o outer-expr))]
[(o k outer-expr)
(and (exact-positive-integer? (syntax->datum #'k))
(> (syntax->datum #'k) 1))
(with-syntax ([k-1 (sub1 (syntax->datum #'k))])
(syntax/loc an-stx (o k-1 (o outer-expr))))]))])
#,(syntax/loc stx
(define (name args ...)
body ...))))]))
;; 'outer' is a keyword.
(define-syntax (outer stx)
[(eq? (identifier-binding (datum->syntax stx private-outer-id)) #f)
(raise-syntax-error #f "Shouldn't be used outside the context of a def\n" stx)]
(syntax-case stx ()
[(_ body ...)
(with-syntax ([redirected-outer (datum->syntax stx private-outer-id stx)])
(syntax/loc stx
(redirected-outer body ...)))])]))