Selenium RC client for Racket.
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Developed by Untyped.

Selenium RC client for Racket.

Copyright 2006 to 2010 Untyped.

See LICENCE and COPYING for licence information.


This package is two things: a Racket client for Selenium RC, and a Racket language format for Selenium IDE:

  • Selenium IDE is a Firefox plugin that lets you record web page interactions and export them to program code;

  • Selenium RC is a client/server framework that lets you replay recorded actions in one of several popular web browsers.

Quick start

  1. Go to the Selenium Downloads page and grab Selenium IDE and Selenium RC. Also make sure you have recent versions of Firefox (3.6 tested) and Java (1.6 tested).

  2. Download this package and require from your Racket code:

    #lang racket
    (require "path/to/")
    ; This assumes Selenium Server is running on localhost port 4444. See for more info:
    (current-selenium-config (create-selenium-config "*firefox" ""))
    ; Fire up a browser
    ; Web interactions go here...
  3. Install the Selenium IDE Firefox plugin and add the Racket language format:

    1. Open Selenium IDE from Firefox: Tools menu > Selenium IDE;

    2. Select the Selenium window and go to Options menu > Options...;

    3. Go to Formats > Add and copy and paste in the contents of selenium-ide.js;

    4. Name the new format "Racket" and close the options dialog;

    5. Set the clipboard format to Racket: choose Options menu > Clipboard format > Racket.

  4. Record some actions: go to Google, do a search, and so on...

  5. Select the recorded actions in Selenium IDE using Edit menu > Select all, copy them to your clipboard, and paste them into your Racket code under the comment Web interactions go here.... They should come out looking like Racket expressions. For example:

    ; Web interactions go here...
    (sel-open "/")
    (sel-type "q" "untyped")
    (sel-click "btnG")
    (sel-wait-for-page-to-load "30000")
    (sel-click "link=Home - Untyped")
    (sel-wait-for-page-to-load "30000")
  6. Run Selenium RC Server using the java command on your OS command line:

    bash$ java -jar selenium-server.jar
  7. Run your Racket application, which should start a copy of Firefox and play back your recorded actions.

Check for more example code and for a full list of Selenium commands.