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(module version-misc mzscheme
(require (lib "")
(lib "")
(lib "")
(prefix 67: (lib "" "srfi"))
(prefix 1: (lib "" "srfi")))
(provide/contract [version<= (string? string? . -> . boolean?)]
[version< (string? string? . -> . boolean?)]
[version= (string? string? . -> . boolean?)]
[version>= (string? string? . -> . boolean?)]
[version> (string? string? . -> . boolean?)])
;; The definitions of mz-version, string->version, and
;; version<= were adapted (copied and pasted) from PLaneT's
;; implementation in (planet/private/
(define-struct mz-version (numbers) #f)
;; string->version : string -> mz-version | #f
(define (string->version str)
;; Old style numbering (with three digits in front)
[(regexp-match #rx"^([0-9][0-9][0-9])([.0-9]*)$" str)
(lambda (ver)
(let* ([major (string->number (list-ref ver 1))]
(map string->number
(rest (regexp-split "\\." (list-ref ver 2))))]
[minor (if (>= (length after-major) 1)
(first after-major)
[maintenances (drop after-major 1)])
(make-mz-version (list*
(remainder (quotient major 100) 10)
(remainder (quotient major 10) 10)
(remainder major 10)
;; New style numbering
[(regexp-match #rx"^([.0-9]*)$" str)
(lambda (ver)
(let* ([numbers (regexp-split "\\." (list-ref ver 1))])
(make-mz-version (map string->number numbers))))]
[else #f]))
;; drop: (listof X) number -> (listof X)
;; A more permissive version of drop that returns the empty list
;; if we try to take off too many elements.
(define (drop a-list n)
(1:drop a-list (min n (length a-list))))
;; version-cmp: mz-version mz-version -> (union -1 0 1)
;; Returns -1 if v1 < v2, 0 if v1 = v2, and 1 if v1 > v2.
(define (version-cmp v1 v2)
(67:list-compare 67:integer-compare
(mz-version-numbers v1)
(mz-version-numbers v2)))
;; version<= : string string -> boolean
;; determines if a is the version string of an earlier
;; mzscheme release than b
;; [n.b. this relies on a guarantee from Matthew that
;; mzscheme version x1.y1 is older than version x2.y2 iff
;; x1<x2 or x1=x2 and y1<y2]
(define (version<= a b)
(let ([a (string->version a)]
[b (string->version b)])
(not (= (version-cmp a b)
(define (version>= a b)
(let ([a (string->version a)]
[b (string->version b)])
(not (= (version-cmp a b)
(define (version= a b)
(let ([a (string->version a)]
[b (string->version b)])
(= (version-cmp a b)
(define (version< a b)
(let ([a (string->version a)]
[b (string->version b)])
(= (version-cmp a b)
(define (version> a b)
(let ([a (string->version a)]
[b (string->version b)])
(= (version-cmp a b)
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