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#lang typed/racket/base
(provide (all-defined-out))
;; Lexical environments
;; A toplevel prefix contains a list of toplevel variables. Some of the
;; names may be masked out by #f.
(define-struct: Prefix ([names : (Listof (U False Symbol GlobalBucket ModuleVariable))])
(define-struct: GlobalBucket ([name : Symbol])
;; A ModuleLocator is an identifier for a Module.
(define-struct: ModuleLocator ([name : Symbol]
[real-path : (U Symbol Path)])
(define-struct: ModuleVariable ([name : Symbol]
[module-name : ModuleLocator])
(define-struct: NamedBinding ([name : Symbol]
[parameter? : Boolean]
[boxed? : Boolean])
(define-type ParseTimeEnvironmentEntry (U Prefix ;; a prefix
;; A compile-time environment is a (listof (listof symbol)).
;; A lexical address is either a 2-tuple (depth pos), or 'not-found.
(define-type ParseTimeEnvironment (Listof ParseTimeEnvironmentEntry))
;; A lexical address is a reference to an value in the environment stack.
(define-type LexicalAddress (U EnvLexicalReference EnvPrefixReference))
(define-struct: EnvLexicalReference ([depth : Natural]
[unbox? : Boolean])
(define-struct: EnvPrefixReference ([depth : Natural]
[pos : Natural]
[modvar? : Boolean])
(define-struct: EnvWholePrefixReference ([depth : Natural])
;; An environment reference is either lexical or referring to a whole prefix.
(define-type EnvReference (U EnvLexicalReference
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