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Dynamic Robot for Embodied Testing (DyRET)


DyRET is a four legged (quadruped) robot designed to be a robust and versatile platform for evolutionary experiments with the unique capability of self-changing morphology. The robot runs on ROS, and uses Gazebo for simulated experiments.



The wiki contains all documentation for how to setup and interact with DyRET.


License: GPL v3 License: CC BY-SA 4.0

DyRET is a certified open source hardware project, and both code and design is freely available. All software is available under the GPL-3 license, and the hardware is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license. Please keep references to the DyRET project and cite the fundamental paper if used in academic work. Bibtex reference is provided below:

  author        = {T{\o}nnes F. Nygaard and
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  title         = {Self-Modifying Morphology Experiments with DyRET:
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  journal       = {CoRR},
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  archivePrefix = {arXiv},
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The following packages are all based on ROS and tested with Kinetic, Lunar and Melodic. All documentation is on the common wiki, and not in individual repositories.


Hardware and firmware

The CAD design is currently available as a zip-download, but future versions will be converted to a version-controlled release.


Please visit our Youtube channel for videos of DyRET. Press photos and non-watermarked videos available to journalists and others on request., 28. june 2018
Video about bio-mimicry including DyRET and other interesting robots., 25. june 2018
Video showing DyRET and some outdoor experiments., 23. may 2018
Short interview about the DyRET robot and evolutionary robotics., 18. may 2018
Interview about the DyRET robot and our work at the University.


Papers that describe or utilize DyRET for experiments. The list is chronological and important papers are highlighted.

Contact us

If you have suggestions or questions on the documentation or use of the robot, please create an issue on Github so answers and solutions can be shared with others.

For other inquiries, please send an email:

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