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@@ -11,20 +11,11 @@ Why you should use it
- Takes logic out of your view templates
- Auto escaping of variable output
- Automatically escapes all view variables automatically
- - Also lets you obtain "raw" data by prepending your variable with ! (<?=!$foobar?>)
+ - Also lets you obtain "raw" data by prepending your variable with ^ (<?=^$foobar?>)
See the examples branch for examples and benchmarking.
-This class is mostly backwards compatible. You can use it in replacement of the original view class when it was used in basic usage.
-If you used views in your application without setting the filename initially, you must change those calls so that the first parameter is boolean FALSE:
- $foo = View::factory(FALSE);
- $foo->set_filename('foobar');
- echo $foo;
+This class is not backwards compatible with the stock view class. It completely replaces it.
@@ -47,7 +38,7 @@ Create your view template file the same as you would have before, but remember t
// application/views/foo/bar.php
<p>This view is <?=$adjective?>!</p>
<p>Another possible description is: <?=$random_adjective?></p>
- <p>Here are my adjective notes: <?=!$adjective_note?></p>
+ <p>Here are my adjective notes: <?=^$adjective_note?></p>
Your view class will pass on properties and methods that begin with 'var_' to the template.

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