Set docker options for dokku (
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There is no need to use this plugin if you're running a dokku version after this. This plugin will no longer be maintained.


Basic docker options for dokku (


Development version of dokku at or after


$ cd /var/lib/dokku/plugins
$ sudo git clone docker-options


$ dokku help
    docker-options <app>                            display docker options for an app
    docker-options:add <app> OPTIONS_STRING         add an option string to an app
    docker-options:remove <app> OPTIONS_STRING      remove an option string from an app

Add some options

$ dokku docker-options:add myapp "-v /host/path:/container/path"
$ dokku docker-options:add myapp "-v /another/container/path"
$ dokku docker-options:add myapp "-link container_name:alias"

Check what we added

$ dokku docker-options myapp
-link container_name:alias
-v /host/path:/container/path
-v /another/container/path

Remove an option

$ dokku docker-options:remove myapp "-link container_name:alias"

Manual Usage

In your applications folder (/home/dokku/app_name) create a file called DOCKER_OPTIONS.

Inside this file list one docker option per line. For example:

-link container_name:alias
-v /host/path:/container/path
-v /another/container/path

The above example will result in the following options being passed to docker during deploy and docker run:

-link container_name:alias -v /host/path:/container/path -v /another/container/path

You may also include comments (lines beginning with a #) and blank lines in the DOCKER_OPTIONS file.

Move information on docker options can be found here: .