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control your build system.

blurb Build systems, at its core, are:

  • simple task systems
  • most of which deal with files as inputs

We can take these two ideas and make a simple dsl in javascript using deferreds. With A simplified convention, and a set of basic tasks, we can do common 'build-system'-y stuff double quick!

So there're these objects, right? These objects represent sets of files.

A set of files. Let that sink in.

So you can do stuff on these sets. You do this by defining behaviors, or tasks, with functions that accept callbacks. k takes care of the rest, wiring it up to your 'file sets', and executing it in order. You can change the nature of the files by changing the value of this.files during your tasks.

Btw, a 'file' is a simple hash. Looks sorta like this -

    src: 'lib/jquery.js',
    content: '...'
    dest: 'dist/lib/jquery.min.js'

So when you're making a task, you'd want to to mess with this.files, and change the .content, or .dest, or even add new files to be written on the next pass of .write()

NB: file.content stays blank until you run k().read()

see tasks.js for available tasks. edit script.js for doodling

var o = k({
    src: './',      // src folder, use .filter() to narrow it down from here. defaults to ./
    dest: 'build'   // destination folder. defaults to ./dist
                    // send whatever else you'd like, they'll be available on this.config
k.task(name, fn)    // define a new task. the task will be available on all k() instances.

tests npm test

coverage report npm run-script coverage

coming up

  • set, get environment variables
  • an api based on deferreds
  • analysis tasks
  • full fledged examples
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