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Resources from The Family

I got alot of the information from fuzziqersoftware. I have expanded on this and organized the definitions.

Filename Contains
scenario name Scenario metadata. Recomended levels, starting pos
Data BD Battle data. Position of monster og battle start and what kind of monsters.
Data CI Contact info.
Data CS This seems to be the same as scenario name ??
Data Custom 1 BD Custom land tileset definitions.
Data DD Land action point codes
Data DDD Dungeon action point codes
Data DES Monster descriptions
Data DL Dungeon levels
Data ED Simple encounters
Data ED2 Complex encounters
Data ED3 Extra action points
Data EDCD Extra codes
Data LD Level data (tile map)
Data MD Monster data (including NPCs)
Data MD1 Almost the same as MD, but some values are changed
Data MD-1 Almost the same as MD, but some values are changed
Data MD2 Map data (includes descriptions)
Data MENU This file contains info used to construct the Beastiary Menu
Data NI ??? Probably something to do with custom items. (200 * 100 bytes)
Data OD Yes/no encounter (option) answer strings
Data Race Custom race config
Data Caste Custom caste config
Data RD land map metadata incuding random rectangles
Data RDD Dungeon random rectangles
Data SD Shop data
Data SD2 Strings
Data Solids Solid special tiles.
Data TD Treasure data
Data TD2 Rogue encounters
Data TD3 Time encounters
Global Global macros
Scenario ???
Scenario.rsf Resources (images, sounds, etc.)

All values in the files are big endian

scenario name

bytes value
int32 Recomended starting level
int32 ??
int32 Start level
int32 Start X
int32 Start Y

Rest of file is unknown bytes

Data BD

File contains 256 battles


346 bytes

bytes value
int16[169] Position of monster in 13x13 grid.
byte Distance from party
byte ???
int16 Before battle string id
int16 After battle string id (Displayed when collecting treasure)
int16 ???

One of the unknown is probably battle macro id.

Data CI

18 x 256 bytes strings with information on the creater of the scenraio.

Data Custom 1 BD

This has the same structure as the main tilset definitions in main data: Data BD.

Zero tile is not used, so we have 200 tiles.

bytes value
Tile[201] tiles
int16 Base tile id

rest of file is unknown bytes


bytes value
int16 Sound id
int16 Time per move
int16 Solid type
int16 Is shore
int16 Is / need boat
int16 Is path
int16 Blocks line of sight
int16 Need fly / float
int16 Forrest type
int16 ???
int16 [9] Battle expansion
int16 ???

one of the unknown is "Indoor Tile Set"

Data DD

bytes value
int32 Location code
int8 To level id
int8 To X
int8 To Y
int8 Percent chance
int16 [8] Command codes
int16 [8] Argument codes

Parse location code X = Location code % 100 Y = (Location code / 100) % 100 Level id = (Location code / 10000) % 100;

Data DDD

Same format as DD

Data DES

bytes value
int8 String length
int8 [255] text

Data DL

Same format as LD, but transposed.

Data ED

bytes value
int8 [4][8] Choice codes
int16 [4][8] Choice args
int8 [4] Choice result index
int8 Can backout
int8 Max times
int16 unknown
int16 Prompt
Text[4] Option texts


bytes value
int8 String length
int8 [79] Text

Data ED2

Data ED3

Same format as DD


bytes value
int16 [5] Codes

Data LD

bytes value
int16 [90][90] Tile id

Data MD

Data MD1

Data MD-1

Data MD2


Data NI

Data OD

bytes value
int8 String length
int8 [24] text

Data Race

Data Caste

Data RD

bytes value
RandomRectCoords [20] Random rectangles coords
int16 [20] TimesIn10k
RandomRectBattleRange [20] BattleRange
int16 [20][3] XapNum
int16 [20][3] XapChance
int8 LandType
int8 Dark
int8 LOS (line of sight)
int8 [20] Unknown. Bool values. This rect only?
int8 [20] PercentOption
int8 unused;
int16 [20] sound
int16 [20] text


bytes value
int16 Low
int16 High


bytes value
int16 Top
int16 Left
int16 Buttom
int16 Right


0, "outdoor"
1, "reserved1"
2, "reserved2"
3, "cave"
4, "indoor"
5, "desert"
6, "custom_1"
7, "custom_2"
8, "custom_3"
9, "abyss"
10, "snow"

Data RDD

Data SD

File contains 21 shops. Zero shop is not used. So we have 20 shops.


bytes value
int16 [1000] Item id per group. 5 groups x 200 items.
int8 [1000] Item inventory count.
int16 Inflation (% of normal item price)

Data SD2

bytes value
int8 String length
int8 [255] text