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ChromeCast emulation app for any device
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Chromecast API v2 (develop branch)

In order to get it working again, we need to:


Other apps are not supported because Chromecast now uses V2 of protocol.


The following persons have contributed to leapcast.

  • Janez Troha
  • Tyler Hall
  • Edward Shaw
  • Jan Henrik
  • Martin Polden
  • Thomas Taschauer
  • Zenobius Jiricek
  • Ernes Durakovic
  • Peter Sanford
  • Michel Tu
  • Kaiwen Xu
  • Norman Rasmussen
  • Sven Wischnowsky

How to install


Clone this directory, then run python develop or pip install leapcast


git clone
cd ./leapcast
sudo apt-get install virtualenvwrapper python-pip python-twisted-web python2.7-dev
mkvirtualenv leapcast
pip install .


For those on Windows(tm) follow this guide or

usage: leapcast [-h] [-d] [-i IPADDRESS] [--name NAME]
                [--user_agent USER_AGENT] [--chrome CHROME] [--fullscreen]
                [--window_size WINDOW_SIZE] [--ips IPS] [--apps APPS]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d, --debug           Debug
  -i IPADDRESS, --interface IPADDRESS
                        Interface to bind to (can be specified multiple times)
  --name NAME           Friendly name for this device
  --user_agent USER_AGENT
                        Custom user agent
  --chrome CHROME       Path to Google Chrome executable
  --fullscreen          Start in full-screen mode
  --window_size WINDOW_SIZE
                        Set the initial chrome window size. eg 1920,1080
  --ips IPS             Allowed ips from which clients can connect
  --apps APPS           Add apps from JSON file

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