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1 parent 015e40f commit 5c4a734f5922fd1496fd4f450105381ae7ebefa3 Janez Troha committed Nov 11, 2012
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-Installs Chromium OS Aura window manager to Ubuntu, with Chromium browser.
+Installs Chromium OS Aura window manager to Ubuntu(64bit only), with embedded Chromium browser(canary snapshot). Binaries are downloaded from
+###Window mode (run with chromeos from terminal)
+![alt text]( "Windowed mode")
+###Standalone mode (select at login screen)
+![alt text]( "Standalone mode")
+##What works:
+ - Login directly from LightDM (at login screen)
+ - Sync, apps, bookmarks
+ - Flash(install google-chrome-stable)
+ - Talk(install google-talkplugin)
+ - Java (icedtea-plugin)
+ - Simple development for ChromeOS specific plugins/extensions(~/chrome-os/user)
+ - HW acceleration
+ - Tablet mode
+##What doesn't work
+ - Importing images from camera, other disks etc (missing dbus service, mtp deamon)
+ - System controls, data is ignored and replaced with fake data ![alt text]( "Fake date")
+ - Guest login (missing cros subsystem)
+ - Special "KIOSK" mode (switch still exists)
+ - Auto-updates
+##Computability with Ubuntu
+ The plan is to port most functionality from ChromeOS (picture import, volume control etc.) BUt in order to do this, someone needs to write d-bus services(this is how chromeos ui communicates with system). Currently I'am writing services for sound(pulseaudio) and networking(networkmanager mashup).
+##Can I build my own version of ChromiumOS browser for Ubuntu?
+ YES! Check
+##Interesting stuff
+If you login with `chronos` user you will get full experience, but you won't be able to get through with initial setup. Mainly because bunch of system services are not present. If you start this way you can entirely skip lightdm and start system like it is chromebook.
+##What this *deb does?
+It simply downloads(official Google builds), chromiumos browser with aura WM. Sets `chromeos` command that launches chromiumos aura in windowed mode and for bonus, you can also login directly to chromiumos straight from login screen.
+Thank Google for this :)
@@ -6,6 +6,6 @@ Version: 1.0
Maintainer: Janez Troha <>
Depends: matchbox-window-manager, curl
Recommends: google-chrome-stable, google-talkplugin, icedtea-plugin
-Architecture: all
+Architecture: amd64
Description: Installs Chromium OS Aura window manager to Ubuntu, with Chromium browser.
Adds shortcuts to user login, which enables Chromium OS UI right from the start.
@@ -8,8 +8,8 @@ set -x
case "$1" in
rm -rf /opt/chromeos
- VERSION=$(curl
+ LKGR=$(curl
+ URL="${LKGR}/"

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