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docs | differences from Dyalog APL

./build to build, ./REPL to start a REPL.

Processing integration


  1. run in the folder app
  2. run APLP5 in Processing

To choose what file to run as APL, in void settings change the args array (or export & pass an actual argument) with the filename. Some examples are given in the folder data.

Android calculator-ish app

Uses The fonts APL385 and DejaVu Sans Mono.

To build the APL Android app,

  1. run in the folder app
  2. Open app/APLApp in Processing, change mode to android and change line 113 in APLApp to /*
  3. Export from Processing to change the minimum SDK version to 24; For IntelliJ IDEA:
    • open with "use auto-import" checked
    • file → project structure → Project SDK = 1.8
    • build → build project
    • project structure → facets → Android-Gradle (app) → Flavors → Min Sdk version → 24
    • build → generate signed APK → whatever

Alternatively, you can just run it in Processings Java mode just fine.

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