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Some Other Miniature Language
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A basic golfing language made to be both really compact and easy to understand.

Datatypes: String, BigDecimal and arrays.

Currently a very little part of the language is supported in the parser as it's been in development for only less than a week.

This language is nowhere close to being finished but already it's pretty powerful.


Currently there is only one parser: A Processing 3 one. So to test a program,

  • go to the downloads folder and download the ZIP of your choice.
  • extract it anywhere and in data/p.soml paste in the program source in the top line and in the following lines the input.
  • launch P5Parser.exe (or the processing project) and in the file log.txt the output should appear.

In the file loge.txt it shows the process of executing the program.

Note: due to how I'm saving the file, there will always be an extra newline at the end of a program. Ignore it. Note2: Check the latest upgrade branch for newer versions.

Program examples

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