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Reactive 2015 - Contest entry

This app is an entry for


Info Screen

Map Screen

Speakers Screen


# Compatibility

  • Tested on iOS8+ and iPhone5+
  • Android should work once an alternative LinkingIOS is provided - Unable to test

# Tech Stack

Running the dev version

npm install
npm start
open ios/reactive2015.xcodeproj -> run

To Lint

npm install
npm run lint

To source

  • Suitable speaker images, some are cut out because they are not square shaped

Why some deps are copy pasted inside

react-native-lightbox (

  • modified to support children as function
  • adjusted spring options
  • fixed a problem where activeProps would be removed too late
  • passed down the current width prop for image scaling

react-native-scrollable-tab-view (

  • modified to have tab bar on top or bottom