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Building Phantom

Basic build

Make sure you have PHANTOM_HOME environment variable, makefiles depend on it.

make all in root dir makes all C sources.

It does not make tests, tools or .ph/.java sources for Phantom userland. Those are pre-built.

Making tools

cd tools

Currently no common way exist. Most tools can be made either with Eclipse (Java sources) or plain make (C sources).

Most tools must be pre-compiled and put to build/bin or build/jar directories. You don't have to compile java code if you're not working on it, as it wil run in any environment unchanged.


In add:

  • ARCH=ia32 - works
  • ARCH=arm - not thumb! original 32-bit ARM, tests pass, no drivers
  • ARCH=mips - not all tests pass
  • ARCH=amd64 - not even compiles