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    <link rel="stylesheet" href="educ_memory_game.css">
      <a href="!forum/dartgamedevs">
        Dart Games Group
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    <section id="text">
        The spiral approach to software learning and development,
        which preserves a project history as a series of code snapshots or
        spirals, is used in this project.
          <a href="">
            Last Version
          <a href="">
        Learning new software concepts and technologies is a challenging task.
        Learning in spirals, from simple to more advanced concepts
        but with concrete software applications, helps beginners get a
        reasonable confidence level early on,
        and motivates them to learn by providing more useful applications.
        With each new spiral, the project grows and new concepts are introduced.
        A new spiral is explained with respect to the previous one.
        The difference between two consecutive spirals is that the next spiral
        has the new code introduced and the old code modified or deleted.
        This is called learning by anchoring to what we already understand.
        With a new spiral, we can come back to what we did previously and
        improve it.
        In this way, learning in spirals can touch the same topic several times,
        but each time with more details in a better version.

    <script type="application/dart" src="educ_memory_game.dart"></script>
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