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Awesome Elasticsearch

Awesome TypeScript -= Awesome Elasticsearch =-


Elastic Stack

  • Elasticsearch official website
  • Logstash is a data pipeline that helps you process logs and other event data from a variety of systems
  • Kibana is a data analysis tool that helps to visualize your data; Kibana Manual docs
  • beats is the platform for building lightweight, open source data shippers for many types of data you want to enrich with Logstash, search and analyze in Elasticsearch, and visualize in Kibana.


Related (awesome) lists

Open-source and free products, based on Elasticsearch

  • Yelp/elastalert is a modular flexible rules based alerting system written in Python
  • etsy/411 - an Alert Management Web Application (credentials: user/user)
  • appbaseio/mirage is a 🔎 GUI for composing Elasticsearch queries
  • exceptionless/Exceptionless is an error (exceptions) collecting and reporting server with client bindings for a various programming languages
  • searchkit/searchkit is a UI framework based on React to build awesome search experiences with Elasticsearch
  • appbaseio/reactivemaps is a React based UI components library for building Airbnb / Foursquare like Maps
  • appbaseio/reactivesearch is a library of beautiful React UI components for Elasticsearch
  • appbaseio/dejavu The missing UI for Elasticsearch; landing page
  • Simple File Server is an Openstack Swift compatible distributed object store that can serve and securely store billions of large and small files using minimal resources.
  • logagent a log shipper to parse and ship logs to Elasticsearch including bulk indexing, disk buffers and log format detection.
  • ItemsAPI simplified search API for web and mobile (based on Elasticsearch and Express.js)
  • Kuzzle - An open-source backend with advanced real-time features for Web, Mobile and IoT that uses ElasticSearch as a database. (Website)
  • SIAC - SIAC is an enterprise SIEM built on the ELK stack and other open-source components.
  • Sentinl - Sentinl is a Kibana alerting and reporting app.
  • Praeco - Elasticsearch alerting made simple

Elasticsearch developer tools and utilities

Development and debugging

  • Sense (from Elastic) A JSON aware developer console to Elasticsearch; official and very powerful
  • ES-mode An Emacs major mode for interacting with Elasticsearch (similar to Sense)
  • Elasticsearch Cheatsheet Examples for the most used queries, API and settings for all major version of Elasticsearch
  • Elasticstat CLI tool displaying monitoring informations like htop
  • Elastic for Visual Studio Code An extension for developing Elasticsearch queries like Kibana and Sense extention in Visual Studio Code
  • Elastic Builder A Node.js implementation of the Elasticsearch DSL
  • Bodybuilder A Node.js elasticsearch query body builder
  • enju A Node.js elasticsearch ORM

Import and Export

  • Knapsack plugin is an "swiss knife" export/import plugin for Elasticsearch
  • Elasticsearch-Exporter is a command line script to import/export data from Elasticsearch to various other storage systems
  • esbulk Parallel elasticsearch bulk indexing utility for the command line.
  • elasticdump - tools for moving and saving indices
  • elasticsearch-loader - Tool for loading common file types to elasticsearch including csv, json, and parquet


  • Vulcanizer - Github's open sourced cluster management library based on Elasticsearch's REST API. Comes with a high level CLI tool

Elasticsearch plugins


  • sscarduzio/elasticsearch-readonlyrest-plugin Safely expose Elasticsearch REST API directly to the public
  • mobz/elasticsearch-head is a powerful and essential plugin for managing your cluster, indices and mapping
  • Bigdesk - Live charts and statistics for elasticsearch cluster
  • Elastic HQ - Elasticsearch cluster management console with live monitoring and beautiful UI
  • Cerebro is an open source(MIT License) elasticsearch web admin tool. Supports ES 5.x
  • Kopf - Another management plugin that have REST console and manual shard allocation
  • Search Guard - Elasticsearch and elastic stack security and alerting for free
  • ee-outliers - ee-outliers is a framework to detect outliers in events stored in an Elasticsearch cluster.
  • Elasticsearch Comrade - Elasticsearch admin panel built for ops and monitoring


  • SIREn Join Plugin for Elasticsearch This plugin extends Elasticsearch with new search actions and a filter query parser that enables to perform a "Filter Join" between two set of documents (in the same index or in different indexes).

Integrations and SQL support

You know, for search

Kibana plugins and applications

Kibana Visualization plugins

  • nbs-system/mapster - a visualization which allows to create live event 3d maps in Kibana
  • Kibana Tag Cloud Plugin - tag cloud visualization plugin based on d3-cloud plugin
  • LogTrail - a plugin for Kibana to view, analyze, search and tail log events from multiple hosts in realtime with devops friendly interface inspired by Papertrail
  • Analyze API - Kibana 6 application to manipulate the _analyze API graphically
  • kbn_network - This is a plugin developed for Kibana that displays a network node that link two fields that have been previously selected.

Discussions and social media



System configuration

Docker and Elasticsearch

Java tuning

How to start using G1

ES_JAVA_OPTS="-XX:-UseParNewGC -XX:-UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+UseG1GC"

Scalable Infrastructure and performance




Time series

Machine Learning

Use cases for Elasticsearch





Code, configuration file samples and other gists

Who is using elasticsearch?

Yelp, IFTTT, StackExchange, Raygun, Mozilla, Spotify, CERN, NASA Zalando

I want more! (Elasticsearch related resources)


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Awesome TypeScript -= Awesome Elasticsearch =-


A curated list of the most important and useful resources about elasticsearch: articles, videos, blogs, tips and tricks, use cases. All about Elasticsearch!





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