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MasterChef - Hybrid Mobile Application

MasterChef is a open-source MVVM hybrid mobile application built on Integrated Cloud Environment - Telerik Appbuilder Platform (Icenium).

This simple mobile application provides functionality for the user to upload her/his favourites recipes and to share them with the other people around the world. All users have their own accounts with whom they can be in touch with all changes about their and other people recipes. Also, users can view other people recipes and can share their opinion as left a comment or like them. On the other side users received an opinion about their uploaded recipes are notified about the changes.

MasterChef provides full CRUD operations - some of them: registration, login, showing / creating / updating / deleting / commenting / liking / filtering / searching recipes.

RESTful mobile application powered by:


  • Google Maps API
  • Pubnub - Simple and Real-time Communications API
  • Everlive - Set of cloud-based backend services for building and managing mobile apps

APIs usage:

  • Camera - to capture & upload a new picture when creating recipe
  • File System - to select & upload a new picture when creating recipe
  • Events - when your internet connection is changed from/to online/offline
  • Storage - to keep user's session data
  • Contacts - when the user receives a notification and if he/she has the notifier's email in his/her contacts list - automatically the notifier's name is shown, if not - notifier's email is shown.
  • Accelerometer - in Home page, when you shake your device - the picture in the center is automatically changed
  • Compass - real-time visualization with beautiful compass image of your state - position/location.
  • Geolocation - show your location on the map and tell you where you are (for example: near Sofia)


MasterChef - User Interface

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