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Command-line tool to manage Snap AuthManager database
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This tool provides command-line interface to Snap AuthManager to create, view and delete users in database. Currently only JsonFile backend is supported.

Passwords for new users are provided in plain text.

By default the database resides in current directory in `users.json` file.

Note that if database file doesn’t exist, it will be created from scratch. A different db may be specified using `-j` flag.

Basic operations

Type `./snap-auth-cli –help` to get usage help.

Create a user:

./snap-auth-cli --create -u TwasBrillig -p SlithyToves1855

User roles may be set when creating account:

./snap-auth-cli --create -u TwasBrillig2 -p SlithyToves1855 -r gyre -r gimble

A user may have arbitary number of key-value pairs attached in meta field (currently all fields are stored in Strings):

./snap-auth-cli --create -u AlexP -p 1234 -k number -v 3214 -k foo -v bar -r admin

Read the user from DB (`–read` flag may be omitted):

./snap-auth-cli --read -u AlexP
    "meta": {
        "number": "3214",
        "foo": "bar"
    "suspended_at": null,
    "roles": [
    "pw": "sha256|12|VpUGBg2O/NBkDTVTSqqYuA==|TIDuc3ToAPmALXCHBxTA8SjlUBztPS8nH6qiV63a+f4=",
    "activated_at": null,
    "current_ip": null,
    "locked_until": null,
    "updated_at": "2012-02-22T09:00:29.377Z",
    "login_count": 0,
    "current_login_at": null,
    "login": "AlexP",
    "remember_token": null,
    "failed_login_count": 0,
    "last_ip": null,
    "last_login_at": null,
    "uid": "1",
    "created_at": null

Work on different database:

./snap-auth-cli -j back.json --create -u MimsyBorogove -p 0utgr@b3d

The tool provides interface to delete users, but JsonFile backend in Snap doesn’t support the operation yet.

To do

More fields

Support setting AuthUser’s userMeta and other fields.
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