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Bumps [vue-router]( from 4.0.16 to 4.1.0.
- [Release notes](
- [Commits](vuejs/router@v4.0.16...v4.1.0)

- dependency-name: vue-router
  dependency-type: direct:production
  update-type: version-update:semver-minor

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Lightweight and easy-to-use repository manager for Maven based artifacts in JVM ecosystem. This is simple, extensible and scalable self-hosted solution to replace managers like Nexus, Archiva or Artifactory, with reduced resources consumption.


β›” Main sources refers to the alpha version of Reposilite 3.x that is under heavy development.
If you're looking for docs and sources of Reposilite 2.x, visit 2.x branch: Reposilite 2.x


To run Reposilite for your personal needs you should assign around 16MB of RAM and at least Java 8+ installed.
For huge public repositories you can adjust memory limit and even size of used thread pools in the configuration.

# Launching a standalone JAR file
$ java -Xmx16M -jar reposilite-3.0.0-rc.2.jar

# Using a Docker
$ docker pull dzikoysk/reposilite:3.0.0-rc.2

Visit official guide to read more about extra parameters and configuration details.


Users' stories


Thanks to all contributors and people that decided to support my work financially ❀️

Still active GitHub Sponsors tipsy, Koressi, insertt, andrm, rdehuyss, zugazagoitia, neg4n, sebba-dev
All time zzmgck, tipsy, Koressi, insertt, bmstefanski, milkyway0308, rdehuyss maxant, alexwhb, Douglas Lawrie, neg4n, crejk, EthanDevelops, escv, shitzuu, peter-jerry-ye, andrm, zugazagoitia, Rob, FlawCra, sebba-dev, mufinlive

\(^-^)/ The list is updated periodically and entries are sorted by aggregated total payment size of the given person.

For developers

Recommended tool to develop backend module is IntelliJ IDE, for frontend it might be e.g. VSC.

# Run only backend through CLI
$ ./gradlew run

# Run only frontend
$ cd reposilite-frontend && npm i && npm run full

# Run only Reposilite site
$ cd reposilite-site/website && npm i && npm run start


Reposilite 3.x

  • Reposilite Backend: Kotlin with Coroutines + Javalin + Exposed + JUnit + (DDD + Hexagonal Architecture)
  • Reposilite Frontend: Vue3 + Vite + Windicss
  • Reposilite Site: React.js + Docusaurus

Reposilite 2.x

  • Reposilite Backend: Java + Javalin (Jetty) + Groovy (JUnit) + (DDD)
  • Reposilite Frontend: Vue2 + Pug + Stylus + Tailwindcss
  • Reposilite Site: React.js + Docusaurus

Reposilite 1.x

  • Reposilite: Java + NanoHTTPD