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Coinwink is an automated web application for creating and receiving cryptocurrency price alerts for Bitcoin, Ethereum... (1500+ crypto assets) via e-mail and SMS, and for managing crypto-currency portfolio.

The application gets price and coin data from API.

Application stack: JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, minimal Wordpress back-end.

This repository provides the source code for the application. See installation instructions below.

Installation instructions

Initial setup

First do a clean install of Wordpress.

Then upload all files and folders from this repository to your Wordpress installation directory. This will place custom Coinwink theme and Coinwink login user accounts plugin in their proper locations.

Edit database login details in coinwink_auth_sql.php file and then open coinwink_create_db.php file in your browser (run it once). This will create database tables.

To be able to send emails, edit your mail settings in coinwink_auth_email.php and coinwink_auth_email_functions.php files.

In Wordpress admin, first activate the Coinwink theme. Then create a new empty home page and set it to use "Coinwink - Home" template. Set this newly created page as the default homepage in "Settings->Reading".

To be able to use Coinwink with accounts, in your Wordpress admin create two additional pages with permalinks /account/ and /changepass/ with "Coinwink - Account" and "Coinwink - Changepass" templates. In /account/ page add the following shortcode: [custom-register-form]. In Wordpress "Settings->General" check "Anyone can register". Then activate "Coinwink Login" plugin.

Open backend_email.php in your browser to get initial data for the app. After that, you can open and start using your newly installed Coinwink app.

Cron jobs

PHP files starting with backend_ are scripts for checking prices and sending alerts.

backend_email.php in particular also gets coin data as JSON and puts it into the local MySQL database - this helps to avoid too many direct calls to the API. During the Coinwink page load, the page takes this JSON from MySQL and presents it as price information for each coin, and also creates option values for the coins drop-down list.

The backend_ PHP scripts need to run every few minutes. On the production version the cron for these scripts is set to */3 minutes. Keep in mind that API updates every 5 minutes.

Additional notes

For filterable drop-down select the Select2 is being used.

For downloading the new coin logos and for updating the existing ones, a separate script was created and is available at this cryptocurrency-logos repository.