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Simple Image Editor (JS) LIVE DEMO


This script was made by a request, thus the editor has only 2 main functions: add text, add image (+brush), however all other functions can be easily implemented, beside that here some other features

  • Simple to use
  • Undo, Redo
  • Font Preview
  • Shortkeys (Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+Shift+Z, DEL)
  • Can start from an image or from scratch
  • 40 Instagram Filters

Behind The Scenes:

SIE uses Fabric.js Javascript Canvas Library


Just make sure to include all the required js files

js/editor.js is for fabricjs functions
js/controls.js is for some controls functions
js/filterous.min.js is required for instagram filters
js/ is required for the menu bar (windows like)

index.html have some inline js that are also required

How to add a font:

  1. Edit css/fonts.css and import your font
  2. Edit js/editors.js search for var fonts = and add your font-family to the array


made with ❤️ by for YALAGROUP


Simple Image Editor is released under General Public License v3.0.