[OSQA-926] new question e-mail notifications are sent for ignored tags #488

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javierder commented May 13, 2015

[reporter="kevinr", created="Mon, 13 May 2013 18:40:57 -0400"]
I'm currently signed up to receive instant notifications when new questions are asked. There are certain tags I don't care about, though, so I've marked them ignored, and the questions don't show up in my web view. I'm still getting e-mails about them, though.

Answers like [this][1] suggest that the e-mail notification system doesn't currently honor ignored tags. I believe that this is a bug, and the default behavior should be to not send e-mail notifications for ignored tags. Would there be interest in a patch to implement this?

[1]: http://meta.osqa.net/questions/4926/what-are-inteterestingignored-tags-for

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