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[reporter="ajite", created="Tue, 11 Feb 2014 21:39:00 -0500"]
Only a few strings are translated after changing the LANGUAGE_CODE value in settings_local.py.

I made many tests such as:

  • ./manage.py compilemessages

  • ./manage.py makemessages -l zh_CN

  • Removed any fuzzy translations

  • Used other localization

    Nothing worked.

    Additional informations:

    The last version of the code has been pulled from Github

    I have got this error with both Chinese and French localization and it always the same string that are translated.
vekunz commented Jan 26, 2016

Here the same. I tried to use a german Translation, but I only see one or two translated strings on the website.

Lakeant commented Jan 26, 2016

Did it can be resolved?
A way I think, just translate the .html page one by one?

vekunz commented Jan 26, 2016

Lakeant: I also had this idea, but with the template files you could only translate a bit of the strings, because the templates are partially generated by the Django framework. For example the main menu is generated dynamically.

Lakeant commented Jan 26, 2016

sumafu:oh,you are right!

I also tried to add some file path and line position into the .po file
,but I have no idea to get the line position

like this:
#: forum/registry.py:126
#: forum/registry.py:???
msgid "remove super user status"
msgstr ""

And have any progress, I will reply on this.

vekunz commented Jan 26, 2016

I just wrote a mail to the Support of DZonesoftware, if they will resume bug fixing or not. I'm going to write it here, if I get an answer.

vekunz commented Jan 26, 2016

The Support answerd me and said that "OSQA is not supported much anymore. It’s a good product, but we don’t spend time updating it".

Lakeant commented Jan 26, 2016

T.T~I see. Now,we will do it by ourself


Are you sure your locale path is properly set in your settings_local.py ?
Here is my local setting and it works in French (some words are missing) :

USE_I18N = True
LOCALE_PATHS = (os.path.join(os.path.dirname(file), 'locale').replace('','/'),)

I think I had to delete all compiled files after changing the path to make it work.

I have read many times people struggling to make the german locale works on osqa forums (now answerhub).

vekunz commented Jan 26, 2016

hugocalderon: I have no node "LOCALE_PATHS". And some strings are translated. For example in the main menu the point "user" or the "Add" button on interesting tags.


Open your locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/django.po

On the osqa version I have, most translations are blank (msgstr ""). Looks like osqa never really got translated in german.

If you have the same problem, maybe you can find an unofficial translation somewhere.

vekunz commented Jan 26, 2016

I have a full unofficial Translation into german. But it also doesn't work with the default translations spanish and chinese.


can you give me a link so I can try it out ?

vekunz commented Jan 26, 2016

https://crowdin.com/project/osqa-dutch/de. This file very invalid. I had to correct many mistakes myself, before compling worked.


Yes unfortunatelly I could not make it work. Maybe i can try with your corrected version.

I currently work on a modded version, so I downloaded a fresh OSQA on this repository and made both fr and es locale work.

  • Unzipped the file
  • Copied the settings_local.py.dist to a settings_local.py
  • mod in the settings_ local :

a - set the debug to true
DEBUG = True

b- set a sqlite db
'default': {
'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.sqlite3',
'NAME': os.path.join(os.path.dirname(file),'db'),

c- added the local config for spanish
USE_I18N = True
LOCALE_PATHS = (os.path.join(os.path.dirname(file), 'locale').replace('','/'),)

d- removed some modules to get rid of error messages
DISABLED_MODULES = ['books', 'recaptcha', 'project_badges', 'stats', 'mysqldb', 'forum_badge','mysqlfulltext']

  • made a python manage.py syncdb
  • lastly python manage.py runserver

And voila, it was working.

Sorry for bad formating. Hope it helps.

Edit: maybe I should add that I use WIndows 8
Python 2.7.2
Django 1.6
markdown 2.4
south 1.0.2

vekunz commented Jan 27, 2016

If I add LOCALE_PATHS osqa won't work, I get only errors. Also I couldn't run manage.py because of errors.
Maybe I should say that I'm using Bitnami OSQA.

Lakeant commented Feb 2, 2016

And now~I was edit the .po file, fortunately,it work!
But,it is chineses language! example: http://www.pointoverflow.com/

the way to edit is referance the .po file and locate the translation like other,add or edit。

if you need the .po file which I used,please leave your email.

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