[OSQA-955] Clicking multiple times on upvote button displays incorrect votes in udacity forums #504

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  1. Clicking twice/thrice on upvote button for an answer with say '13' votes displays votes as either '1' or clicking again as '0', '-1' or even '-2'!!

2) Even if this display of 0 or 1 votes is 'By-Design', clicking an upvote multiple times should not lead to -1 votes.
3) This is similar to (if not same as) a bug in udacity forums or osQA ver 0.5 service used to host the QnA : http://jira.osqa.net/browse/OSQA-328
4) Refreshing the page displays the correct count however.

Note : There is no link to raise the issue on udacity osqa repository on github : https://github.com/udacity/osqa so raising it here.

Seems like internal logic is being displayed i.e. increment-value for multiple clicks.
Suspected Bug is reproducible on this question (and others too) : Can we develop android apps in Python? : http://forums.udacity.com/questions/100199619/can-we-develop-android-apps-in-python

Searching for karma, upvote didn't show any duplicate bugs of this type of behaviour.
@javierder javierder added the voting label May 13, 2015
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