[OSQA-959] Am looking to do new version for django 1.8 #508

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I have a need for a customised version of osqa and prior to doing the customisation I would be happy to look at doing a django 1.8 version. I've had a go with some success but I also want to simplify the code.

Where I am having a bit of trouble is understanding which bits of code can now be replaced by django functionality as some of this code is quite old and which is still valid. For example the module loading and decorators.

The major simplification I would like to do is to remove the ability to customise the look and feel from admin on the assumption that most of us will only be running one version and can adjust any standard templates.

If this type of upgrade is not of interest I will work away myself, but if there are others who also have this requirement, shall we work together?

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abulka commented Apr 2, 2016

Did you ever get anywhere with this? - I'd love a Django 1.8 or even 1.9 version of OSQA. I had a bit of a hard time getting the 'current' version based on the ancient django 1.6 running properly in my virtual environment. The main trick seems to be to change requirements.txt


See https://github.com/abulka/osqa for my fork of OSQA which fixes the requirements.txt, solves a common migration problem, as well as providing additional helpful installation instructions for newcomers.

Now all we need is a Django 1.9 port of OSQA :-)


Any of you guys still running this on your websites? I can't find any samples online.

abulka commented Feb 15, 2017

Yes still running osqa - and planning to run more instances of it.

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