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Welcome to the E4MF Project!

What is it?

E4MF is an implementation of the Extended Library example EMF Editor on Eclipse e4 Platform.

The Extended library is a sample model, which demonstrates many different moddeling aspects. EMF Tooling, supports the code generation of an RCP Editor for editing an Extended Library Model. E4MF is a an Extended library RCP Editor using the Eclipse e4 Framework

Why is it?

Someone at the recent Eclipse Conference asked, will an EMF Editor work in e4? The answer is yes, using the 3.x compatibility layer. I wanted to learn e4, and decided it would be fun to create e4mf

Perhaps cool if some of this works ends-up in the official releases of EMF. Including the generation of a working RCP editor based on e4 for any arbitrary EMF model.

How does it work?

Clone the repo, and import the projects in the bundles folder into your Eclipse (4.3) IDE Workspace.

  • Open the .product file


  • Check the product dependencies .
  • Launch the product

This will open the E4mf editor for the Extended Library Model. .

What's in the gitbox?

  • An adaptation of the eclipse EMF plugins for e4.
  • The Extended library editor in it's 3.x and 4.x version.
  • Additional e4 tooling for: - An e4 Outline view (Can be used in any e4 App). - An e4 Resources plugins with the original 3.x workbench image resources.

What have you done????

I have documented every single step taken to achieve this.

Read about the conversion process


Various people on the Eclipse e4 forum. Ed Merks for mentoring the approach.

Have fun!