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Azure Data Studio Extension: Query Editor Boost
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Azure Data Studio - Query Editor Boost

This extension adds several features helpful with query writing in Azure Data Studio:

Query Editor Boost

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to @SysAdminDrew on Twitter or

Report any bugs or request features here:

Interested in contributing to this project? Please check out CONTRIBUTING - a work in progress.


The current release is available to download as a .vsix file and can be installed by opening the command palette (ctrl/command+shift+p) and selecting Extensions: Install from VSIX...

Setup: New Query Template

Edit the setting for "New Query Template" by creating a new query template in the editor and running the command "QE Boost: Set New Query Template". This setting includes the line and character of the cursor position such that the new query window can place the cursor at the beginning, middle, or end of the template. The new query template settings can also be updated directly in the Azure Data Studio settings.


I'm sad to see you go, but before you uninstall I recommended running the command "QE Boost: Reset Dashboard Shortcuts". This will re-add the original New Query button to the server and database dashboards.

Extension Settings

This extension contributes the following settings:

  • newquerytemplate.DefaultQueryTemplate: the default new query template, an array of strings
  • newquerytemplate.DefaultQueryLine: the line of the location of cursor placement for new query template, a number
  • newquerytemplate.DefaultQueryCharacter: the character of the location of cursor placement for new query template, a number


New Query from Template

This extension overrides the default "New Query" keyboard shortcut (ctrl+n) with a new query window with a query template of your design. Set the query template with the command "QE Boost: Set New Query Template" or from the Azure Data Studio settings (ctrl+,). Note: This extension does not override "New Query" in the file or object explorer menus.

Set and Use New Query Template

Use Database

Change the connected database in a query editor with the "QE Boost: Use Database" command (ctrl+u), which opens a searchable picklist. Return to the query editor by hitting Enter and your hands never leave the keyboard.

Use Database Shortcut

Create New Snippets

When creating new snippets, move quickly through the syntax and manual JSON editing with friendly snippet creation.

Makes writing new snippet queries easier by placing placeholders (tab stops) and supported variables in the editor window.

Insert Placeholders

Use the command "QE Boost: Add Snippet Placeholder" to add placeholders to your query text. Query Editor Boost will parse repetive use of a placeholder through 99 distinct placeholders.

Snippet Placeholders

Insert Variables

Use the command "QE Boost: Add Snippet Variable" to add snippet variables to your query text. These variables can automatically insert information such as the current date or directory.

Snippet Variables

More info on variables:

Save the Current Query as a Snippet

Write a new snippet in the query editor and save it directly to your local snippet repository with the command "QE Boost: Save New Snippet."

Extension for VS Code, licensed under MIT license, adapted for use in this extension.

Save New Snippet


Known Issues

  • new query button on Server and Database dashboards is missing icon

Unknown Issues

Can be raised here:

Release Notes


  • Adds cursor position to new query template
  • Adds MacOS keybindings (cmd)


  • Fixes to new query from template
  • Improvements to snippet placeholder creation


  • Initial release



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