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Install and Run the First Responder Kit Scripts from Azure Data Studio
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images release notes and version 0.4.0 Dec 30, 2018

Azure Data Studio - First Responder Kit Extension

This extension provides immediate access to the current First Responder Kit scripts and introductory execution suggestions. (All credit due to


The current release is available to download as a .vsix file and can be installed by opening the command palette (ctrl/command+shift+p) and selecting Extensions: Install from VSIX...



Import a script from the First Responder Kit to a new editor by opening the command palette (ctrl/command+shift+p) and selecting an option under First Responder Kit: Import <some script>. To import all scripts at once, select First Responder Kit: Import sp_Blitz and all its friends.

Import a Script


Already have the current scripts loaded to the database? Great! Take the shortcut to execution by opening the command palette (ctrl/command+shift+p) and selecting an option under First Responder Kit: Run <some script>. Several scripts are available in Object Explorer at Server, Database, and Table nodes.


Check Your Current Version

Want to check the sp_Blitz version on a server? You can check your current connection or a server in object explorer and find out if you have the current version.

Check Version Version Results

Extension Requirements

Internet connectivity is required for any of the "Import" commands, which connect to GitHub to fetch recent versions of the scripts. A GitHub account is NOT required.

First Responder Kit scripts require SQL Server 2008 or newer. See current requirements for the scripts at

Known Issues

No open issues at this time.

Unknown Issues

Can be raised here:

Release Notes


  • Adds sp_blitzlock and sp_whoisactive
  • Adds version check for sp_blitz
  • Adds single command to get sp_blitz and all associated scripts
  • Adds menu items for object explorer for sp_blitz, sp_blitzindex, sp_blitzfirst, sp_blitzlock, and sp_whoisactive


  • Adds code snippets for execute scripts
  • Corrects sp_blitzindex execute script


  • Script import and run commands automatically connect to current context


  • Corrects base URL for scripts from dev to master branch of First Responder Kit


  • Initial release.

Special Thanks

A very important thank you to Brent Ozar Unlimited for supporting this extension.

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