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Authentication with Passport.js on Android and iOS.
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# MobilePassport Authentication with Passport.js on Mobile Created by Peter and Ivan Chau (barely).

Check out the video demo.
[x] Android App
[x] iOS App
[x] Server

API Reference

URL Method Description Parameters
/login POST Login as existing user, username & password
/signup POST Register as a new user. name, username, password, and email
/user/search/id/:id GET Search For User by ID
/user/search/username/:username GET Search For User by Username
/user/profile GET My Profile for Currently Logged in User
/user/update POST Update As Currently Logged In User name, desc, username, password, and email
/user/delete DELETE Delete Currently Logged in User
/logout POST Log Out As Current User

Profile Pictures are all saved on gravatar

Note: In order to run the Node.js server you must create a file under the name of .env and make sure to add your MongoDB URI.

MONGOLAB_URI=< Your MongoDB URI without the "<" and ">" >

Install the packages by running npm install

Run the application by typing node app.js

Licensed under the [MIT License] license.

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