A framework for writing Hadoop Streaming jobs in PHP
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HadooPHP is a framework for writing Hadoop Streaming jobs in PHP


  • Packages jobs as PHAR files for speedy and convenient deployment.
  • Also generates shell scripts to invoke a job (requires $HADOOP_HOME to be defined).
  • Automatic detection of streaming settings (so it knows about the configured key field separators and lengths et cetera).
  • Abstracted input parsing and splitting (only supports line-based input at the moment though).
  • Supports custom arguments for the Hadoop invocation.

Known Issues

  • Something like KeyValueTextInputFormat does not work, partly because passing it as -inputformat sets the property to StreamingInputFormat (must investigate why), and -D mapred.input.format.class seems to have no effect. Unsure how to fix.

Planned Features

  • Unit testing capabilities (Mappers and Reducers could be tested locally).
  • Support for input formats other than TextInputFormat (only line-based stuff works out of the box right now).


The examples sub-directory contains a number of examples.

Writing Jobs


  • A functioning Hadoop installation, with namenode, jobtracker and all other components running.
  • If you are developing locally, follow the Hadoop Quick Start Guide to set up pseudo-distributed mode.
  • The PHAR PHP extension must be enabled, and phar.readonly must be set to 0 in php.ini if you want to compile jobs.

Job Creation

Create a folder (this folder name will be the job name later on), with a Mapper.php containing the mapper class, a Reducer.php containing a reducer class (if desired), and, if you want, an ARGUMENTS file with additional arguments.

Note: when you have an ARGUMENTS file, you must include full -mapper and -reducer commands, see the examples. Any -D flags in ARGUMENTS must also precede any other switches such as -mapper or -file. Every line in ARGUMENTS must be terminated by a backslash because the raw contents of the file are inserted into the generated shell script.

Job Compilation

Assuming your job (and thus folder) name is "TpsReportCount", run:

bin/compile.sh TpsReportCount <BUILDDIR>

Note: the build dir must exist and be writeable.

You can pass path names to include in the package and the default timezone to set for scripts to compile.sh; invoke it without arguments for usage help. The --debug switch enables debug mode which means the HADOOPHP_DEBUG constant will be set to true, you can use this to add counter or message emitters to your code that should only run in such a case.

Job Invocation

Assuming your job name is "TpsReportCount", run:

path/to/builddir/TpsReportCount.sh <HDFSINPUTPATH...> <HDFSOUTPUTPATH>

Note: you may pass any number of input path names; the last path name given is the output path where results will be written to.

You may also pass the path to a Hadoop config dir (equivalent to the --config argument of the hadoop binary):

path/to/builddir/TpsReportCount.sh -c path/to/dir/with/remote-cluster-config <HDFSINPUTPATH...> <HDFSOUTPUTPATH>