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A high-resolution bitmap font designed for games
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June is a high-resolution bitmap font with some playful curves and distinctive letterforms, inspired by portable game fonts of the 00's like Telegrama and GBA Pokémon games.

I made it to use in my own game concepts for the Panic Playdate, as I didn't really find fonts that suited the size needs of the display or the kind of aesthetic I wanted.

It's also probably applicable to other situations involving high-density, low colour depth displays.

It's currently in a prototype stage and is just a sprite sheet with some alignment guides right now. I want to get it encoded into a common format or two very soon.


  • Full European Latin support, Japanese Kana support.
  • 14px/~1.8mm baseline to ascender height for Latin, 14px/~1.8mm square height/width for CJK characters. (Essentially the same size as body text on iPhones)
  • Borrows visual cues from monospaced fonts to more clearly distinguish certain similar Latin characters (ie. I/i/1/l).

Character areas supported:

  • Unicode Basic Latin / ASCII (full)
  • Unicode Latin-1 Supplement (most)
  • Unicode Latin Extended-A (full)
  • Unicode Hiragana (full)
  • Unicode Katakana (full)
  • Japanese Punctuation
  • Full-Width Latin (most)
  • Full-Width Latin Punctuation (some)
  • Playdate input icons in two sizes (one to fit Latin characters better, the other to fit CJK characters, I'll probably revise this in the future)


  • Get the font encoded into a common format or two (BMFont is something I'd definitely like to do if possible)
  • Finish Japanese punctuation and Full-Width Latin
  • Give all the characters a thorough testing
  • Do some other symbols (smileys, hearts, etc.)
  • Consider supporting a segment of the most used Kanji.


This font is licensed under the zlib license (it's basically like MIT).

Special thanks

  • kiilas for checking over the Central European accented characters for me.
  • Someone on Mastodon for figuring out what display the Playdate uses, which helped me definitively figure out how big the font would be on a real Playdate.
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