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Commits on Nov 21, 2011
  1. @bmatzelle

    Modified ReadMe.txt

    bmatzelle committed
    * Updated copyright date.
    * Updated documentation and links.
    Modified   setup/Gow.nsi
    * Updated version to 0.5.0.
    * Set compression method to LZMA to make it a bit smaller.
Commits on Jul 25, 2010
  1. @bmatzelle

    Rewrote the gow.vbs file to accept multiple commands like a true comm…

    bmatzelle committed
    …and-line application. Added to the installer the capability to remove the older installations, added better debugging, added a feature which should allow Windows 7 installers to function and a couple more small tweaks.
    Modified   bin/gow.vbs
    * Main: Takes the first argument and looks for the command-line switches.  Prints out a message if there are errors.
    * PrintUsage: Prints out the full program usage.
    * Print: Prints out a command to the console.
    * Version: Returns the version number of the application.
    * ScriptPath: Returns the path of the gow.vbs VBS script.
    * ExecutablesList: Now uses the ScriptPath method to get the folder path to list.
    Modified   setup/Gow.nsi
    * Added RequestExecutionLevel of 'admin' so that it works with Windows 7 installers.
    * Set all show details commands to "hide" so that you can look at the commands if you wish.
    * Added DetailPrint messages to most functions so that people will know what step caused an error if any come up.
    * Configure: Now clears all errors so that the gow.bat file is written out correctly.
    * Files: Installs all .dll files since there is one now.
    * RemoveOldInstallation: New function that checks for previously installed Gow products and if it finds one it will prompt to uninstall the previous version.
    * Shortcuts: Removed the antiquated Change Log message since this is now posted on GitHub.
    * .onInit: Calls the RemoveOldInstallation function before the installer begins.
Commits on Jul 20, 2010
  1. @bmatzelle

    Updated the readme with some better text, added the Gow license, impr…

    bmatzelle committed
    …oved the installer with the version number added in a couple places.
    Modified   ReadMe.txt
    * Updated About section, added new Features & Benefits section, added feedback section and
    Added      licenses/Gow-License.txt
    * Created new "licenses" directory and added the Gow MIT license.
    Rename     licenses/GPL-License.txt(from GPL-License.txt)
    Rename     licenses/NcFTP-License.txt(from NcFTP-License.txt)
    Rename     licenses/Putty-License.txt(from Putty-License.txt)
    * Moved the other licenses into this directory.
    Modified   setup/Gow.nsi
    * Updated version to 0.4.0 in anticipation of next release.
    * Added the version of the installer to the branding so people know which version they're installing.
    * Files: Added the new "licenses" directory.
    * Shortcuts: Added the Gow licenses and fixed the paths of the old licenses. Added the version to the text so they can check the version without having to go to the Add/Remove Programs screen.
Commits on Jul 14, 2010
  1. @bmatzelle

    Made a few changes to make the project ready for Github. There's stil…

    bmatzelle committed
    …l some work to do of course.
    Deleted    ChangeLog.txt
    * This will be added as a wiki page on Github so we don't need it.
    Modified   ReadMe.txt
    * Updated the description of the project.
    Modified   setup/Gow.nsi
    * Updated the copyright information, version number to 0.3.0
    * Configure: Fixed a hard-coded path.
  2. @bmatzelle

    Initial import of the code I developed back in 2006. Nothing has been…

    bmatzelle committed
    … changed since then. I'll be preparing it for import to Github soon.
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