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'each match function is named Match_1 -> Match_4
'they all take the same prototype where
' c is the class object of CFuntion from list A
' h is the class object of CFuntion from list B
' identifier is a string you return on successful match
' if you set a return value of true then match will be made.
' Class CFunction looks like this
' Public Length As Long
' Public Calls As Long
' Public Name As String
' Public Jumps As Long
' Public Pushs As Long
' Public esp As Long
' Public fxCalls As New Collection
' Public Constants As New Collection
' Function ConstantExists(key) As Boolean
Function isWithin(cnt, v1, v2, min)
If v1 <= min Or v2 <= min Then Exit Function
If v1 = v2 Then
isWithin = True
Exit Function
End If
If v1 < v2 then low = v1 else low = v2
high = v1
If low = v1 Then high = v2
If low + cnt >= high Then isWithin = True
End Function
function Match_1(c,h,identifier)
If c.Calls = h.Calls And c.Pushs = h.Pushs Then 'same num of calls and pushs
If isWithin(60, c.Length, h.Length, 80) Then 'and length is close
If isWithin(4, c.Jumps, h.Jumps,1) Then 'and num jmps is close
identifier = "Call/Push Match"
Match_1 = true
End If
End If
End If
end function
function Match_2(c,h,identifier)
If isWithin(80, c.Length, h.Length, 80) Then
If c.esp <> 0 And c.esp = h.esp And isWithin(40, c.Length, h.Length,20) Then
identifier = "ESP Match"
Match_2 = true
End If
End If
end function
function Match_3(c,h,identifier)
If h.fxCalls.Count = c.fxCalls.Count And h.fxCalls.Count > 0 Then
j = 0
i = 0
For Each t In h.fxCalls
i = i + 1
If t = c.fxCalls(i) Then
j = j + 1
End If
If j = h.fxCalls.Count Then
identifier = "API Profile Match"
Match_3 = true
End If
End If
end function
function Match_4(c,h,identifier)
If isWithin(3, c.Constants.Count, h.Constants.Count,1) And isWithin(60, c.Length, h.Length,30) Then
j = 0
For Each x In c.Constants
If h.ConstantExists(x) Then j = j + 1
If isWithin(3, c.Constants.Count, j, 1) Then
identifier = "Const Match"
Match_4 = true
End If
End If
end function